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This web site is dedicated to the Spirit 28 sailboat and the people out there that love them and/or are interested in learning about them. Since it is my intention to develop this as a primary resource for Spirit 28 owners, any information that anyone may have about the Spirit 28 would be welcomed and appreciated. I can be contacted by clicking the contact link above. Also, any good sailing information or pictures you want to share would be welcomed as well. For the sailors that have Spirit sailboats other than the 28, I have a page that has links to other Spirit_sailboat_related_sites_available by_clicking_here. Another resource for Spirit 28 owners can be found at:

Cody's Spirit 28 Sailboat Site.

Much thanks to Jonathan in Oklahoma for the wiring_diagrams he sent to me on 06-01-06


My Sailing Companion

"To Coda"

Year: 1981
Over All Length: 28'
Beam: 10'
Displacement: 6900 Lbs.
Fin Keel: 2900 Lbs.
Inboard 15 HP Yanmar Diesel
Cabin Clearance: 6' 2"
Mast Height: 37'
Full Tilt Boogie: 6 Knots