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I would welcome any information on the history of the Spirit sailboats. I contacted Glastron a while back and they sent me a small amount of info and told me that since they had stopped building them so long ago that there was not much information available. I have posted the documentation that they sent to me on the documentation page. So far, the following information is what I have picked up from various places, once again, any input would be welcomed.

• Glastron did not actually "Make" Spirit sailboats but instead licensed a company called North American Yachts to make them at the Glastron plant in Austin, Texas and use the Glastron name. The sales_sheet for the Spirit 28 lists North American Yachts "A Conroy Company" as being the contact. I read somewhere on the internet that the North American Yacht Company actually sold the molds to Glastron because they were under the threat of a lawsuit from another yacht manufacturing company with the same name. I have not been able to substantiate that. Many people around the world refer to Spirit sailboats as "North Americans".

• At one time Glastron was a boat manufacturing giant that produced a variety of different boats. The markets changed and though they are still quite large they have down sized considerably in the last decade. They quit having anything to do with sailboats when the last Spirit 28 hull rolled off some time in 1981. Click Here For Glastron History

• Spirit sailboats were in production from 1979 through 1981 and consisted of three models - The Spirit 6.5, the Spirit 23 and the Spirit 28. The designers for the Spirit 28 were Bob Finch and Earl Blackwell. Bob Finch was evidently involved in numerous boat designs and it is my understanding that he was an integral part of the design team at Catalina as well as other manufacturers.

• There is a company based in England called "Spirit_Yachts" that builds some really beautiful, blue water, wooden sailing yachts. This company is in no way related to the Spirit sailboats made in Austin.

• The Spirit 28 came in two models, one with pedestal steering and one with a tiller. There were also some built with shoal keels and some built with fin keels but I do not know if that has any relation to which steering option that was chosen or not.

• The Spirit 28 came stock with a 2 cylinder Yanmar Diesel with a drive shaft driven prop or a gasoline engine with a "saildrive". Older model "saildrive" transmissions are often difficult to service and hard to find parts for.

• The only stock colors I know of are a coffee colored hull with either a brown or blue sheer strap and bottom paint.

• I spoke with someone here in Austin that worked at the Glastron plant and he told me that there were considerably more of the 6.5's and 23's built than the 28 model. He said that there were probably less than 300 hulls of the Spirit 28 built and he did not know where they had all shipped. To date (08-02-07) the highest hull number I have been notified of is 300.

• Glastron sold off all of the molds and plugs for the Spirit Yachts when they terminated production. At least one of the plugs and possibly some of the molds were sold to a maufacturer in South Africa. I have been told by one of these boat owners that there are no hull numbers burned into the stern freeboard of these boats.


Does anyone know a good resource for documentation and/or parts?

Where were Spirit 28 Sailboats shipped?